Monday, March 21, 2011

QOTD: Palinphobia spreading among conservatives

Quote of the Day:
Sure. Tossing an aluminum bat over to an escaped mental patient and them letting her loose in your house may seem like a fun way to chase all the unwanted guests away from your birthday party, but the problem with it is that some of the guests you actually like are going to end up with broken heads, too. Plus, how do you get the mental patient to leave at the end of the night?

These guys know what I'm talking about
Palin’s flamboyant rhetoric always has thrilled supporters, but lately it is coming at a new cost: a backlash, not from liberals but from some of the country’s most influential conservative commentators and intellectuals…

This year, the conservative intelligentsia doesn’t just tend to dislike Palin — many fear that her rise would represent the triumph of an intellectually empty brand of populism and the death of ideas as an engine of the right.

"This is a problem for the movement," said [conservative columnist George] Will about what Palin represents. "For conservatism, because it is a creedal movement, this is a disease to which it is susceptible."

Do you know what you could do is just let a bigger crazier escaped mental patient into your home, and that should fix that problem. Of course, then you'd need an even bigger and even crazier escaped mental patient to fix that one. And then you'd need, um… well…

But, hey, this is the Republican Party we're talking about. There's practically an infinite supply of escaped mental patients. - Dennis DiClaudio

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