Tuesday, March 22, 2011

QOTD: Liberals win again

Quote of the Day:
Not such a big surprise, actually. Liberals usually win in the long run, because they look forward, not backward. Forward being the way we are going, and all.

The latest victory is polling showing that gay marriage is now supported by more than half of Americans, and in a democracy, you know what THAT means! It means that it will soon become legal as long as it’s okay with the rich, who now fund the elections. And it probably will be okay with them since some of their best friends are gay. But mainly because it isn’t a tax hike on them which is all they really care about.

And why were liberals right (again) on this one? Um, they THOUGHT about it, rather than simply deciding that the way it used to be is better. Also, what they thought about were the ideas of EQUALITY, and JUSTICE and FREEDOM, American ideas which conservatives just like to talk about, and only then when it comes to unfettering assault rifles and rich people. So liberals win again, but nobody ever thanks them or remembers the next time. - Tom Toles

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