Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supreme conflict of interest

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Yes, I already posted one clip from The Colbert Report today. But surely you can understand my problem. Giving up Catholicism for Lent was hilarious. How could I pass up that one?

But this clip was great, too. After all, it's a serious issue. This is a serious conflict of interest for Clarence Thomas. $700,000 isn't chicken feed, even if it's apparently too small for Clarence Thomas to even remember.

Of course, this assumes that Thomas thinks of himself as a judge, rather than a right-wing political operative. So far, we've seen little sign of that.

I really like Rep. Anthony Weiner here. How about that segment where he refuses to let Fox's Megyn Kelly push him around? Good stuff, huh? Watch that, and then try to tell me that Megyn Kelly is a journalist. Ha! She's just a political operative herself.

She refuses to let Weiner answer, because she's not a journalist. She's a propagandist who's trying to push the right-wing Republican line. (Unfortunately, there's no code of ethics for Fox "News" employees, either.)

And here's the follow-up clip, with Anthony Weiner himself. No, I'm not going to embed that one. But it's well worth watching.

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