Saturday, April 23, 2011

The atheist apologist, on nipples and bellybuttons

OK, I promised you another video clip from VoodooSixxx. Enjoy!


Jim Harris said...

I go to a theater that shows little movies and for the most part their vast parking lot is empty. Usually us patrons just take up the first row of parking. Well, the other night I show up with my friend and the damn parking lot is full. We actually have to wait in line. When I buy my ticket I ask what film is everyone coming to see, and was told it was Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

Well shit I thought, are there that many Ayn Rand fans is this Bible Belt city? And don't they read Rotten Tomatoes? It got a 6% positive rating with reviewers. But it also got a 85% rating with the audience. The Ayn Rand worshipful are so dedicated they will love a movie that 94 out of 100 critics hated. What's up with that?

By the way, we saw Win Win with Paul Giamatti and it was wonderful.

WCG said...

I think you meant to comment on my Ayn Rand post, Jim, rather than this one. But no problem.

People bring their expectations to such things. I doubt if they went to the film to be entertained, but instead as a means of affirming their membership among the Ayn Rand faithful. So the fact that it was a bad movie wouldn't bother them, as long as it got Rand's philosophy right.