Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mitt Romney's "peacetime" gaffe

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Mitt Romney's "Peacetime" Gaffe
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Well, as I noted yesterday, there are still plenty of loons in the GOP presidential race, even with Haley Barbour dropping out.

But it's hard to consider Mitt Romney as a serious candidate (actually, it's hard to consider any of them as serious candidates, don't you think?), because he's flip-flopped so many times even he can't remember where he stands on the issues these days.

And since the Republicans demonized their own health care reform plan - after the Democrats adopted it - Romney's in a particularly difficult spot. After all, the rest of the Republican Party might have claimed to support that kind of health care reform, but Mitt Romney is the only guy who actually cared enough to pass it.

Of course, at the time, Romney thought it would help him, no doubt. I think it's pretty clear to everyone by now that Mitt Romney cares about nothing but Mitt Romney.

No wonder he's a Republican, huh?

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