Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The literal insult to injury amendment

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The second part of this is here. (Unfortunately, they broke this segment up into two parts, so they could stick another ad in between.)

Incredible, isn't it? This shows how Republicans can be complete dicks,... and how Democrats eagerly go along with it.

Well, come on! Can't you just hear the attack ads now? Democrats want your tax money to go to terrorists! And thanks to the GOP, corporations can now spend unlimited amounts of your money on political attacks like that.

So of course Democrats run screaming like little girls. You wouldn't expect them to grow a spine, would you? Well, I've got to admit that, given the demonstrated stupidity of the American people, maybe they've got reason.

But it's still pretty disgusting.

And there's another thing that gets me about this: Republicans have been ranting and raving about smaller government, about cutting government spending. So what do they do? They give the Department of Health and Human Services another congressionally mandated job to do - and a completely nonsensical one at that!

As P.J. O'Rourke said, "The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work - and then they get elected and prove it." Likewise, they claim there's wasteful government spending, so when they get a little power, they make sure to add to it as much as they can!


Chimeradave said...

My dad's best friend was a Vietnam vet who worked on the original construction of the towers. When 9/11 happened he came out of retirement and helped with the clean-up for months.

Then he started a relationship with a younger woman and she had a baby.

Then he got cancer and died.

Now this bill is saying he would have had to go through some sort of bullshit background check.

I don't say things like this lightly or often, but it really is an insult to his memory!

WCG said...

Yes, you're entirely right, John. And I don't know if I'm angrier at the Republicans for pushing idiocy like this (which, after all, is only what I expect from them these days) or at the Democrats for being too timid to stand up to them.

However, I must admit that I don't know how the voting went. Maybe some Democrats did show some courage and some common sense (which will no doubt hurt them in future elections, huh?).