Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fox News spins another one

These are great videos, since they make the bias at Fox "News" so easy to see. This anchor - one of the interchangeable blondes at Fox - misstates the law and then nods along with the right-wing loon they've invited to comment.

Well, you can see it here. But most of this stuff is too subtle for the average Fox viewer, I'm sure. The goal of Fox is to push their right-wing ideology, and one way they do that is to convince their viewers that everyone, except a few real leftists (from San Francisco, if they can work that in), agrees with them.

The "fair and balanced" Fox is horribly unfair and terribly unbalanced - er, imbalanced, I meant to say - and that's deliberate. Fox is not a news network. It's a propaganda mill masquerading as a news network.

I like the end of this:  "Which was more partisan: the decision of the 9th Circuit or the reporting of Fox News?" The answer is obvious, don't you think?

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Chimeradave said...

Remember the actual training video for the new immigration checking laws that they were planning on showing to police officers? (or already showing?) It was featured on "The Daily Show" and "Colbert" and linked to on this blog! The video made no sense because the parameters of the law were never defined. Even the people that would have been responsible for carrying out the law knew deep down it made no sense.