Friday, June 3, 2011

Maybe if a tornado wiped out a rich neighborhood?

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"When it comes to helping Joplin, Missouri, residents, actual elephants are more useful to them than the GOP. That's just insane!"  No kidding!

Crazy, isn't it?  We can give tax cuts to the rich without worrying about the deficit, but disaster relief is another story? How can anyone still support the Republican Party these days?

I mean, they were a complete disaster the last time they held power, with every single Republican policy failing horribly, leaving us with two ongoing wars, Osama bin Laden still free (until Barack Obama took care of that), record-breaking budget deficits (no, tax cuts for the rich do not pay for themselves), and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

After a performance like that, you'd think the GOP - if it continued to exist at all - would be more careful. But no, they're getting crazier than ever, proposing to end Medicare and refusing to fund disaster relief, all to continue giving tax cuts to the rich. It's just incredible, don't you think?

"But the good news is that Dad's car is getting a new laser cannon." Think that was just an idle joke?  Not at all. Remember that six-month spending bill Republicans made a big stink about in April? Remember how they were demanding spending cuts before they'd pass it?

Well, it turns out that their bill increased federal spending by $3 billion, thanks to an increase of $7.5 billion for defense programs. Yeah, I guess spending seven times as much on defense spending as our nearest rival - at a time when our only enemy is a rag-tag band of religious nuts - isn't enough.

Does anyone really think Republicans will cut spending if they take power again?  Oh, sure, they'll cut Medicare and Social Security, they'll cut disaster relief, they'll cut scientific research, but spending in general is likely to go up, just as it did during the Bush years. And thanks to continued giveaways to the rich, the deficit will skyrocket, just as it has because of their policies then, too.

Tell me why anyone still votes Republican? It's hard to imagine why, isn't it?

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