Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin's history lesson

My brother says that this is a lot like Palin's famous "all of them" flub when asked what newspapers and magazines she reads, and I agree. Just note that deer-in-the-headlights look, and the flustered way she attempts to reply while clearly having no clue.

Honestly, this is just astonishing, don't you think? Wouldn't she expect some questions about these places she's visiting? Wouldn't she prepare for that, just a little bit? She's already labeling this a "gotcha" type question, but obviously, it's not. It's even less so than asking her what newspapers she reads, since she's the one choosing the places she's visiting on this bus tour of hers.

So why wouldn't she prepare just a little bit? Heck, I can't imagine that it would take too much preparation, since this is nothing more than grade school stuff. But wouldn't she expect questions about Paul Revere? But no, apparently not. And now she complains that it's a "gotcha" question! Heh, heh. It's almost too crazy to believe, even for her.

And now, Sarah Palin's fans are busy trying to rewrite Wikipedia to agree with her version of history. Yeah, that's all we need. Rather than expecting our leaders to know something about America's history, we'll just change our history to agree with whatever dumb things they say. Well, that's the approach in Texas, I guess.

My brother expects to see this on Saturday Night Live, with Tina Fey once again using Palin's own words to humorous effect. So the final piece in this hilarious situation is Fox "News" mistaking a picture  of Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin for Palin herself. Heh, heh. Could it get any funnier than that?

After all, Palin works for Fox "News." Well, yeah, most Republican leaders work for them, but Sarah Palin is actually getting paid - and lavishly, too. Basically, they pay her to run for President, and in their eyes, she can do no wrong. So you'd think they'd know what she looks like, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, another Democrat - and a good one, too - has been thinking with his penis, so this will probably all get lost in that mess. It never fails, huh?

Well, when it comes to sex, even smart men do very dumb things. (That's not an excuse, just an observation.) Personally, I couldn't care less about the sex lives of our political leaders. I think their knowledge of the issues - and of our history - is far more important, but I seem to be in a real minority on that, don't I?

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