Friday, June 17, 2011

The question doesn't matter...

... Because the answer is always the same. This saves wear and tear on the brain cells, since you don't have to think first.


Chimeradave said...

The funny thing is they talk about tax cuts, but they are talking about cutting taxes only for the top percentile of Americans. And when Republicans talk about Democrats raising taxes they are only being raised for the top percentile of Americans.

Why doesn't the media stop all this. Whenever they talk about stuff like this the interviewer should say, "why do you keep talking about a very small percentage of Americans?"

WCG said...

John, the media doesn't do this, because they think their job is just to report what both sides say.

Apparently, we don't have journalists anymore. Instead, we just have walking and talking audio/video recorders. The news is just what someone says, whether it be misleading, or even a complete lie, or not.

(I exempt Fox News from this, since I don't consider them the media. They're just the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, masquerading as a news station.)