Monday, June 20, 2011

Race and the right wing

Disgusting, isn't it? Our first black president has really ramped up they hysteria among white racists - not for anything he's done, but just because of who he is.

So why haven't reasonable, responsible Americans turned against racism like this? Have we white Americans completely lost our minds? Are we that cowardly? How pathetic!

How can even conservatives just let this pass? What has happened to my country?


Anonymous said...

Ed Schultz completely distorted what Neal Boortz said. There were other sentences in the middle of his rant, that Schultz edited out to make it look like Boortz was demanding American's go around killing people will nilly.

If you had heard the original 3 minute piece in its entirety, you would have known he was talking about people defending themselves against car-jackers. Neal Boortz did not say anything about going around killing black people. I guess though, Ed Schultz decided all car-jackers are black, so he made it into a story about race.

WCG said...

Anonymous, I did see his unedited remarks. Boortz was nearly advocating race war. I'm quite sure every single one of his listeners understood his coded references to black people, especially with that gratuitous "yo."

Yes, he was talking about carjackers (and people painting graffiti, apparently), but his rant was all about race. And how is that going to work? If someone puts a gun to your head, are you supposed to grab for your own gun then? Or do you just shoot any young black man who comes near you?

The whole idea is stupid, but that's par for the course. That's not what I found disgusting. It was the clear racism, the deliberate racism, that bothered me. Boortz was not talking about carjackers, not really. He was talking about urban thugs, yo.

You and I both know what he was telling his listeners, his Southern listeners, where there's a long history of this kind of talk. He could have made it just about crime, but that's not what he did. I'm sure you know that just as well as I do.