Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halfway Sarah

According to Real Clear Politics, Sarah Palin has quit halfway through her bus tour:
Less than a month after she appeared poised to shake up the Republican presidential campaign, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has once again receded from the 2012 limelight.

When Palin launched her "One Nation" bus tour on Memorial Day amid a swirl of media attention and excitement from her fervent fan base, many political observers who had once dismissed her were reminded of the jolt that her candidacy could provide to what has thus far been a relatively sleepy GOP nominating fight.

As Palin toured historical sites along the East Coast, she was clearly reveling in the tangible excitement she'd ginned up: She even eagerly answered questions -- from the denizens of the "lamestream" media -- ranging from matters of political process to an array of issues facing the nation. ...

Though Palin and her staff never announced a timeline for the remaining legs of her trip, aides had drafted preliminary itineraries that would have taken her through the Midwest and Southeast at some point this month. But those travel blueprints are now in limbo, RCP has learned, as Palin and her family have reverted to the friendly confines of summertime Alaska, where the skies are currently alight for over 19 hours a day and the Bristol Bay salmon fishing season is nearing its peak.

Of course, the "lamestream media" were hanging on her every word, breathlessly reporting every move of their favorite celebrity, as she kept them guessing where she'd go next. But when Weiner's wiener took the spotlight away from her, I suppose she got bored.

Well, that's why she only managed one-half term as governor of Alaska, quitting halfway through her first term. And this is the person wing-nuts want as president?

But I've always doubted that she'd run for president or any other public office. She quit as governor in order to make big bucks on Fox, and that's still her primary goal, I'm sure. This whole bus tour thing was just a way to stay in the headlines. After all, celebrities need the publicity, or someone else will come along and take their place.

Actually, the same is true of politicians, too, I suppose. But Palin is far more a money-hungry, publicity-seeking celebrity than a politician. She's sort of the female version of Donald Trump.

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