Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Clarence Thomas recuse himself?

From Mother Jones:
Following a time-honored Washington tradition of dumping required but embarrassing information on a Friday night before a major holiday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas finally released the details of his wife's income from her year or so working for the tea party group Liberty Central, which fought President Obama's health care reform law. His new financial disclosure form indicates that his wife, Virginia, who served as Liberty Central's president and CEO, received $150,000 in salary from the group and less than $15,000 in payments from an anti-health care lobbying firm she started.

The disclosure was apparently prompted in part by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who had been needling Thomas (including on Twitter) for months to disclose how much money his wife earned from Liberty Central. That's because challenges to Obama's health care reform law are likely to end up before the Supreme Court sooner rather than later, and if Thomas and his wife benefited from her income working against the bill, the justice has an enormous conflict of interest in hearing any legal challenge. Thomas had failed to disclose Virginia's income on his financial disclosure forms for 20 years; under pressure from Weiner and others, he had recently amended old disclosures to reflect hundreds of thousands of dollars she had earned working for the Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank that also opposed Obama's health care plan.

The Thomas family gets big bucks from opposing health care reform. How can this not be a conflict of interest? Unfortunately, Supreme Court Justices are expected to police themselves., so Clarence Thomas can do anything he likes.

And Thomas isn't a judge as much as he's a right-wing political activist. Well, we're still paying for past years' mistakes. Past Republican Presidents are gone, but their Supreme Court picks live on for decades. This court, in addition to other crazy decisions, has decided that corporations are just people, too. What's next?

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