Thursday, August 4, 2011

Women's health-nazi plan

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Women's Health-Nazi Plan
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"A woman's health decisions are a private matter between her priest and her husband." Heh, heh.

Honestly, in what world do Republicans live? It sure doesn't seem to be the real one!

And these people are supposed to be anti-abortion. What would limit the number of abortions better than the easy availability of birth control?

The thing is, Republicans think of children as punishment for sex. Sex is dirty, nasty stuff that shouldn't be enjoyed. And if you're foolish enough to have sex, you should be required to pay for that by raising a child for the next 18 years or so.

Furthermore, the government shouldn't make it easy for you in any way. If you struggle to raise a kid in poverty, that's what you deserve - and your kid, too (once a child is out of the womb, it's no longer an interest of the GOP).

And yeah, I suppose all preventative care is terrible, because who's going to pay those lavish salaries for doctors if no one gets sick. (And if doctors stop making so much money, maybe they'll stop voting Republican. Horrors!)

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