Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jumping on the blandwagon

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Here's the part of this that got me. Did you hear those quotes from Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich? Tell me, what universe do they live in?

Romney: "President Obama has adopted a policy of appeasement and apology." Um, say what?!? Appeasement and apology? Tell that to Osama bin Laden. Tell that to Muammar Gaddafi. Tell that to Anwar al-Awlaki. Tell that to Abu Ayyub al-Masri. Tell that to Atiyah Abd al-Rahman.

Need I go on? I could. Whatever you think of the "war on terror," Barack Obama's foreign policy has been about as far from appeasement and apology as you can get.

Of course, we should be apologizing for invading Iraq, an innocent country which had never attacked us, which was no threat to us at all, and which did not have those WMDs which was supposedly Bush's excuse for the war.

Note that Saddam Hussein was not trying to get nuclear weapons, either. Remember how we didn't want that "smoking gun" to become a "mushroom cloud"? Well, the only mushrooms were apparently what all those loyal Bushies were eating. And the smoke was what they were blowing up our ass. All that turned out to be a complete hoax!

OK, OK, don't get me sidetracked here. The point is that Republicans are living in their own little fantasy world. It's not just Obama's foreign policy, either. The White House reflects the worst of Europe? Um, in what way, exactly? And when did Europe become the bogeyman, anyway? Can't they find something scarier - like Canada, maybe?

Oh, and Barack Obama is taking all of your money and giving it to teachers? I wish! Barack Obama has been cutting taxes for three years now! I don't know what world Romney lives in, but it's not the real one. But Republicans have become not just anti-science, but anti-education. Yeah, smart people are those nasty "elites." Oh, that's going to turn out well for our country, huh?

Then there's Megamind,.. excuse me, Newt Gingrich: "On the very first day, I will sign an executive order repealing every anti-religious act of the Obama administration." Well, that won't take long, will it? Considering that there haven't been any anti-religious acts from the Obama administration. Are you kidding? Obama has been bending over backward trying to convince the loons he's not a Muslim, for chrissake!

I can only guess that this is the kind of crazy pushed day and night on Fox News. And since that's the only "news" outlet the Republican base believes, they do live in their own little fantasy world. But please tell me the rest of America isn't dumb enough to buy this. Please!

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