Thursday, February 2, 2012


What can I add to this? It really doesn't need any commentary, does it?


Jim Harris said...

I figured that was going to happen. That's pretty cool. I'm reading Midnight Rising by Tony Horowitz about John Brown, and it talks about how the Republican Party was created partly because of abolitionists, who were hated in their day, but eventually were proven right. What happen to the grand old party?

Jeff said...

Saw this in Friday's LJS:

Letter, 2/3: Visceral hatred

Ron Reagan Jr. thinks members of the Republican right wing hate President Barack Obama so much that they probably would vote for SS leader Heinrich Himmler to prevent Obama's re-election. They ought to heed the words of Michael Corleone ("The Godfather Part III"): "Never hate your enemies; it affects your judgment."
The visceral hatred for Obama by some Americans is similar to the hatred of the southern Democrats for President Abraham Lincoln. Eleven states seceded from the union after Lincoln's election in 1860 because of this irrational hatred.
Ironically, secession produced the very result the slave states were trying to avoid: the abolition of slavery. The Republican platform in 1860 opposed slavery in the territories, but it did not propose to end slavery in states where it existed.
Before secession, the Democrats controlled Congress and would have prevented any move to abolish slavery. Secession forced the Civil War and allowed Lincoln to emancipate the slaves.

--William Boernke, Lincoln

With this well-intended letter in mind, let's go to the "peanut gallery:"

Jody P:

"Let's see...a Nazi, Godfather III, and the Civil War. And for good measure, Ronald Reagan's airhead son. That took some doing to work all those into the same short letter.

Apparently Mr. Boernke worships Obozo so much that he feels a need to invoke cataclysmic events to explain any opposition to him. But the world will not end if Obozo is not re-elected. Just Mr. Boernke's little world."


"LOL! I love Godfather outtakes! Here's one. Godfather III. Michael is speaking with his ex-wife Kate in his study in NY. He says "My God,you hate me!" Kate: No Michael...I dread you!". Oh yeah! another four years of B.O.? Now that's something to dread!"

Blew right through that stop sign, didn't they? They just won William Boernke's argument for him.

Holy "Dead Parrot Sketch," Batman!

WCG said...

Oh, please, Jeff, I get enough of that on the LJS site! I don't need it here, too! :)

(But seriously, I'd rather hear what you have to say than what they do. And that's especially the case since they're not here to respond to anything I say about it.)