Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting tough on crime

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Unscooped Dog Poop Crime-Busting Service
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Forget about the Social Contract,... unless someone's dog is pooping in your yard!

Stephen Colbert: "'Oh, without schools, parks, and police departments, it's going to get scary out there!' Not for me. Because I don't live out there."

But most of us do. So it amazes me that Republicans and their billionaire backers can get the ignorant to cut their own throats like this, with constant tax cuts for the rich. The rest of us do need public schools. We do need parks. We do need police and fire departments.

But that unscooped dog poop crime-busting service - it's "the one crime that rocks my suburban community to its core" - is just hilarious, don't you think? "I call it Public Enemy Number Two." Heh, heh.

Yeah, the rich can't afford to pay the same tax rate you do, but they sure have plenty to spend on themselves, don't they? Even on idiocies like this.

And hey, I have no problem with them spending their money on anything they want,... as long as they pay their fair share to support our society, too! And as long as everyone gets a fair start in life.

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