Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radical feminist nuns

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Radical Feminist Nuns
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I applaud these nuns, but you don't need Jesus in order to care for other people.

And they're voluntarily part of a right-wing patriarchal church. Women have no power in the Catholic Church. They know that. Celibate old men have it all. That's clearly shown in official church positions.

Well, it's a medieval institution which retains a medieval mindset. The Pope is the last vestige of the "divine right of kings" thinking from the Dark Ages, and it's very definitely a patriarchy.

The follow-up to this segment, Colbert's interview of Sister Simone Campbell is here. As I say, I admire what she's trying to do. I don't admire the superstition, though. I certainly don't admire the Catholic Church.

Sure, you can take whatever position you want from the Bible. Whatever your mindset, you can pick and choose the parts you like - and ignore or rationalize away the parts you don't. That's the whole problem with faith.

I'll gladly work with people like this on issues where we agree. But I still think that faith is no way to determine anything. I'd urge them to adopt evidence-based thinking, instead.

Give up the church. It's long past the time it should have withered away.

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