Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nostalgia for George H.W. Bush

I must say, I like David Frum, too. Oh, I don't agree with him about most things, but he's actually a sane, and even a reasonable, conservative. Do you know how refreshing that is these days?

And he is a conservative - very much so. He's just not crazy. And he's got the courage to criticize the loons who've taken over the GOP. He's suffered for that, losing his positions at the National Review and the American Enterprise Institute, but he continues to do it anyway. Very admirable.

As Frum says, "The most important difference [between Ronald  Reagan/George H.W. Bush and today's Republicans] is a commitment to the institutions of the U.S. government. ... They would not have pushed the country to the edge of bankruptcy in order to make a point."

On the other hand, I agree with Bill Maher, too, that Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush were not good presidents. As he points out, George H.W. Bush gave us Clarence Thomas, for chrissake! They may look good compared to current Republicans, but that's really grading on a curve.

I also liked Maher's guest, Karen Finney, pointing out how Jeb Bush quickly walked back his criticism. Well, the Republican Party marches in lockstep these days. You're either with them 100% or you're the enemy.

I'm the enemy. Too bad I can't really do them any harm, huh? :)

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