Sunday, June 10, 2012

A hideous message

How much do you blame a 14-year-old? Obviously, the adults who filled his head with this crap deserve a great deal of blame. But do you blame the kid himself?

All three of these people at the Young Turks make a lot of sense (and I'm crazy about Ana, anyway), but it's really hard to say. We're all stupid at 14. On the other hand, this kid is doing a huge amount of harm here.

I agree that he'd be doing less harm if he was just bullying gays one at a time. But you can't protect kids from hurtful comments, either.

Well, in four years - in eight years - I suspect that this kid will be just as bigoted as he is right now, especially since his income will depend on it. But maybe not. He's an individual, not a statistic. Maybe he'll get his head on straight. I hope so.

PS. Big surprise, Caiden Cowger is a Christian. But I'll bet you guessed that, huh?


Jeff said...

Emperor Palapatine would be proud:

"Your hate has made you powerful! Now, fulfill you destiny and take your father's (Limbaugh) place at my side!"

Jim Harris said...

This is painful to watch. It goes to show how television can brainwash kids.

WCG said...

I don't know how much of that is the responsibility of television, Jim. Yes, he's been influenced by right-wing TV and talk radio. But we had bigots long before we had television.

I think I'd be more likely to blame his parents, myself. But then, I don't know anything about them.