Monday, July 9, 2012

Betty Bowers explains abortion

Don't watch if you're easily offended. :)

I must admit that Christianity and anti-abortion activism seem like a weird match to me. Don't these people know their own Bible?

Heck, don't Catholics know the history of their own church? The idea of personhood at conception is a relatively recent invention of the Catholic Church.

But the answer in both cases is no, they don't. Supposedly, this is the most important thing in the world to them - heck, the world itself is just a minor detail - yet they can't be bothered to learn anything about it.

Well, that's far from the only thing that makes no sense about religion,  huh?


Jeff said...

As Robin Williams once joked, "Even the most doubting Jew is going, 'You're good.'"

How 'bout this one? It's called "How To Stump A Pro-Lifer:"

WCG said...

Wow, that's really something, Jeff! They've been protesting for years without actually thinking about it? Were they thinking at all?

How can you be such an activist without ever thinking about the results of your position? Do those people use their brains for anything, or is it all just a matter of what feels good?

Of course, 'God' has called them there. Did he use a phone, I wonder? How did they know it was God? Did they ever think about that?

Thanks for the link!