Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inciting violence on Fox Business Network

Double-standard is right! Can you imagine the screaming from Fox if someone had said, "They should be able to put the statue up, and then they should be shot right next to it" on any other network about some Christian group?

So what's the difference? Are Satanists "evil"? I doubt if they'd say so. They're foolish, if they believe that Satan - or any other god - actually exists, but plenty of people do. And in a nation with freedom of religion, that's not a crime.

But this shows the double-standard in our media - and in politics, too. Right-wingers can say whatever they want, and if it causes a controversy, it's nothing they need pay much attention to. Liberals would have been fired by now, and the Democratic Party would be in a collective panic, wringing its hands about anything even close to this bad.

Satanists certainly aren't progressives, since they're as faith-based as any Republican, but when you believe in freedom of religion, you can't just support the rights of people you agree with.


Dan Keim said...

WOW! i had no idea about that!. I keep up with a site called metal injection on facebook and they had posted an article about the proposed statue because the singer from the band vital remains is actually kind of heading the charge. The link to that story is here. http://www.metalinjection.net/around-the-interwebs/vital-remains-vocalist-wants-a-statue-of-baphomet-built-at-the-oklahoma-state-capitol

I cant believe that somebody would say that so straight faced... especially on the "news" (more like propaganda). What ever happened to equal rights and loving your fellow man? The satanic bible is far different from what the media portrays it, everybody thinks its all about summoning demons and hurting people and it isnt. The satanic bible has alot to do with self awareness and striking down those that strike first, seems like Christians are always taking swings. In the article i linked it explains that the monument would be respectful and family friendly, alot of thought went into the construction and design, "We didn’t want to just put up a massive upside-down cross with a middle finger." Is a quote from the article which shows that there is some level of respect coming from the side of the church of satan.

WCG said...

Thanks for the link, Dan. But those people on Fox don't care what the Satanic Bible says, and frankly, neither do I.

After all, I've got no more reason to believe what it says in the Satanic Bible than in the Christian Bible. More importantly, they've got the right to be treated equally whatever it says. (If it incites violence,... well, have you read the Christian Bible?)

Make no mistake, I do appreciate the comment and the link. It's interesting, especially since I hadn't known - and really hadn't cared - if they were just flipping off Christianity or not. (Either way, we're all entitled to equal treatment by our government.)

But I always like to learn new things, and I've learned something today. Thanks!