Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The evils of weed and texting

OK, I just had to post these, mostly because of Bill O'Reilly's hilarious combination of weed and texting ("combine the drug aspect with the internet" ... "the texting epidemic"), not to mention his warnings about "intoxicating agents" (except for alcohol, of course, which is just good, clean fun to Fox 'News').

But yes, America really needs to be more like Red China, huh, right-wingers? Heh, heh. Forget the fact that the Chinese apparently text more than anyone else in the world. (After all, we expect such misrepresentation from Fox, don't we?) Are you really suggesting that the People's Republic of China is a good role model for America? Really?

When did Europe become the example of everything right-wing Americans hate, while Red China became their beloved ideal? That's just mind-blowing, isn't it?

But then there's this response, which is almost as ignorant:

"Most of us age-out of marijuana use,..." No kidding! (Note that David Brooks hasn't "aged-out" of alcohol use, though. Beer parties, maybe. But certainly not wine and bourbon, which he thinks are wonderful.)

Yes, most of us "age-out" of such stuff. But what does that tell you? David Brooks used to smoke pot. Jon Stewart used to smoke pot. I,... ahem, I might even have smoked pot, myself. Were we harmed by it? We definitely would have been harmed if we'd been arrested and thrown in jail, as happens to other young people when we keep marijuana illegal.

So, tell me, Brooks, should the states also discourage the use of alcohol "on both moral grounds and health grounds" the way most states "discourage" the use of marijuana? Didn't we try that in the 1920's?

But no, this is how you think of alcohol, isn't it?

Obviously, there is nothing stupider than beer commercials, and if you've fallen for that socially-accepted message you clearly don't have any brain cells to spare. No doubt we'll get such idiocy from pot when the big corporations start making money from it (at which time the opinion of Fox 'News' will change drastically).

That's not a good thing. And abusing pot - because some people will abuse it - is also not a good thing. But recreational use is another story, especially if you contrast it with the current state of affairs where we're simultaneously filling our prisons with drug users and the pockets of drug cartels with lots and lots and lots of money.

Coors and Budweiser are, after all, at least a small step up from the Sinaloa Cartel, don't you think?

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