Thursday, January 30, 2014

The evolution of morality

Neat, isn't it? This is a very small clip from a much longer talk (well, the original video is less than 17 minutes long, so it's not that much longer), but it really demonstrates how monkeys have a sense of fairness, doesn't it?

It's experiments like this - and there are many more examples - which clearly show that other animals have a rudimentary sense of morality. Of course, this can also be shown in very young children, too. In both cases, it's innate.

And it has nothing to do with gods, unless you want to say that this sense of fairness is one reason why human beings invented gods. After all, life isn't fair. And gods can be one way to change that - or to make ourselves feel better about it, at least.

Don't worry. You may only get cucumbers here on Earth, but after you die, you'll get all the grapes you want. Trust me. :)

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