Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Young Turks

I don't suppose these videos have much in common, except that they're examples of what I like about TYT - The Young Turks - and what I hate about the right-wing (typified by Fox 'News').

OK, these are all hosted by John Iadarola, and I find him particularly impressive. But I don't always agree with anyone, and that certainly includes The Young Turks. Still, they're far more often right than wrong, and even when I disagree in some respect, they're always worth hearing.

For example, it can't be said often enough that Republican efforts 'to end voter fraud' are simply about voter suppression - about trying to hang on to power even when only 20% of Americans self-identify as Republicans.

Remember, there's a record of everyone who votes, so nothing would be simpler than to identify voter fraud,... if it really happened. It's a secret how you vote, but certainly not that you do vote. So if voter fraud really occurred in significant numbers, nothing would be easier than to prove that.

This video is about the recent bipartisan Senate report on the tragedy in Benghazi, where four Americans died. Republicans - especially those at Fox 'News' - have been beating a dead horse here, as that report has made abundantly clear.

But that's not going to stop them. That's certainly not going to stop Bill O'Reilly. Anyway, both John Iadarola and Ben Mankiewicz make some superb points here. Again, this is why I like TYT.

Finally, abortion. Is there be a crazier issue in America? (Well, OK, guns.) But naturally, you've got a bunch of men trying to dictate to women about their own bodies, their own health.

And a lot of women go along with it. A lot of women - not most, admittedly, but a lot - vote Republican. And a lot of those women seem to want men to make the decisions. Well, look at the Catholic Church, too.

These aren't people who are going to stop with abortion. They want to eliminate birth control, too. And who knows what after that? This is about controlling women, it really is. And, of course, none of this is going to affect the wealthy in the slightest.

All three of these issues are important, but there are lots of important issues, aren't there? Anyway, I thought I'd combine these into one post.

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