Saturday, January 11, 2014

Questions for Christians: Fight Club

This is a new YouTube channel for me, but it's pretty good.

NumberOneSon has a whole series on these Questions for Christians, but what really got me to subscribe was his Losing God video, which describes his deconversion from Christianity. Good stuff!


m1nks said...

Thank you for posting this guy - I've been listening to a lot of his video's on the train to work. I haven't found his 'Losing God' video to be anything special simply because it hasn't really said anything yet. I know you have a special fasination with deconversion tho which I don't share to such an extent. Once he gets down to the nitty gritty I'm sure it will be great.

It's his other videos which appeal. I am especially enjoying his 'Questions for Christians' because of the unusual content. Most of these sorts of videos cover very similar ground, very important ground of course, but it's refreshing to encounter different stories rather than the run of the mill. The bit about cutting off the womans hand for instance I had heard before at least once but compared to the 'shellfish, two weave, stone children etc etc etc' it's refreshingly new. Same with the video on faith using the prostitute who hid the men on her roof.

Unlike you I don't think I can face reading the bible from cover to cover, just reading your condensed reports on it makes my eyes bleed with the stupid.

m1nks said...

Shit, sorry about spelling. I wasn't able to spell check and it's hard to types. Looking through it though I'm currently wincing.

WCG said...

You're right, M1nks. I have a particular interest in deconversion stories.

I had it easy. I was raised Christian, at least nominally. Everyone I knew was Christian. It wasn't just the default, it would have been a matter of intense gossip to learn that someone in our small town wasn't Christian.

But in my case, it never took. I never really understood why people believed it. I assume that I must have accepted it at some young age, but I really don't remember that. I clearly remember believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but not God.

So I never had to go through a deconversion. When I finally adopted the 'atheist' label (at age 12 or so, maybe?), it simply wasn't a big deal. I wanted to dramatize it, but I couldn't, because I knew I'd been an atheist for a long, long time.

But I know it's not so easy for other people, and I really admire the courage it must take to reject what you've been taught all your life (usually at the risk of alienating your friends and relatives).

I really admire the devotion to honesty which gets a person to admit, "OK, I was wrong. And since I care about the truth of my beliefs, I need to change them." (I find that admirable in all areas of life, not just religion.)

So, yes, deconversion stories fascinate me. Of course, in this particular case, I haven't watched any of the other "Questions for Christians" videos this guy has created. I plan to, but I've just recently discovered his channel, and there hasn't been time.

But given your comments, I'm looking forward to the experience. Thanks!

WCG said...

Heh, heh. I hate that, too, when I do it. Unfortunately, there isn't an edit button for comments. (I can, and do, edit my posts when I discover an error like that.)

Try not to worry about it, M1nks. I'm glad to get your comments in any case, and minor typos aren't going to make any difference. Besides, I think you'll find that you notice the errors more than anyone else does.

If someone does notice, just tell them you're using British spelling. No one here will know the difference. :)

Just try to avoid spelling "separate" as "seperate" (not that you have). For some reason, that particular error is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. So, of course, I seem to see it everywhere. :)