Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bette Oops

Funny, isn't it? These people would rather bitch than save money. They'd rather rant and rave about Barack Obama - gee, why is that, I wonder? - than even check out 'Obamacare' for themselves.

Some people will be paying more for insurance, of course. I will be,... probably. I'm one of those people insurance companies love. I pay my premiums and never go to the doctor for anything. And so I had a catastrophic plan with a super-high deductible, and I just... hoped that it would cover everything else if I ever did need it.

Well, one problem with insurance is that you never really know what kind of plan you've got until you need it, and by then, it's too late. Now, under 'Obamacare,' insurance companies can't slip exceptions from coverage into the fine print. (And they can't dump you when you get sick, either, which they could - and did - do previously.)

So I've got a better health insurance plan, but I'm paying more for it. Of course, it could be that I'll get a subsidy for part of that. Right now, it's impossible to tell, since my income varies so dramatically from year to year.

But it might be that I won't even be paying more for it. Still, if I am, that's OK. I can afford it, and this is helping a lot of people who can't. Sure, I'd rather a single-payer plan or a government option, like expanding Medicare, but for millions of people, this is a whole lot better than nothing.

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