Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Deficit attention disorder

To hear Republicans scream about cutting spending, you'd think the deficit hadn't been cut in half during the five years of Barack Obama's presidency.

Of course, the reason the deficit went sky-high in the first place is because of Republican wars (waged, for the first time in our history, without raising taxes to actually pay for them), Republican tax cuts for the rich, and the Republican economic collapse (at which point, revenue decreases and spending increases automatically).

We're still spending more than we're taking in, but that's because we're still paying for those wars, Republicans have been adamant about increasing taxes on the rich (even though the Bush tax cuts were always supposed to be temporary), and because Republicans have been dragging their feet when it comes to getting us out of their recession. (They've been terrified that Barack Obama would fix what they broke.)

But where is the supposed 'mainstream' media pointing this out? Unfortunately, these days, 'journalists' aren't supposed to tell the truth. They're just supposed to report what both sides are saying (giving known lies the same status as actual facts).

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