Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christian pastor rants about biracial babies

Remember two weeks ago, when the Republican Party had a conniption fit about this, getting an MSNBC employee fired for daring to suggest that maybe "the rightwing" (not, note, "Republicans") would hate a commercial featuring a biracial family?

The week previously, of course, the right-wing had gone insane about this commercial, and a week afterwards, they'd had a collective meltdown about this Superbowl ad. But no, you couldn't dare suggest that they might be racist. Why, the very idea just hurt their little feelings!

So now watch this, if you've got a strong stomach. Of course, this guy's no racist, either, right? He loves those beautiful black women, himself. Come on, is it his fault that his god is such a racist jackass?

And speaking of racist jackasses, just listen to his congregation cheering him on in the background. Man, I'm sure glad we need religion for morality, aren't you?


Gregg Garthright said...

So, he's completely ok with same-sex marriage though, right? I mean, as long as they're of the same race.

Maybe somebody should tell this lunatic that this battle has been over for a long time - are you sure this isn't a video from the '60's? This particular brand of bigotry has gone out of style........

WCG said...

Not in the South, I suspect (and I wonder about Nebraska, too). I remember seeing a poll, not too long ago, where some whopping percentage of Southern Republicans still thought that interracial marriage should be illegal.

And yeah, his head would probably explode about same-sex marriage, but I suspect that some of those people will end up accepting that before they accept 'mixing the races'. Of course, that will be because they find out that family members are gay.