Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battle of the bans

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Battle of the Bans
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So why not just ban automatic and semi-automatic weapons with such large magazines? There's only one purpose for a Glock 19 with a 30-round magazine, and that's to kill large numbers of people quickly. That's it. It has no other purpose at all.

So why should lunatics be legally able to buy them? Why should anyone be able to buy them? Who else but a lunatic would need one? (Yes, I know that they're a penis substitute, but I don't call that an actual need.)

After all, we don't allow nuclear weapons. Why not? Nuclear bombs don't kill people; people kill people. But, of course, the only purpose for a nuclear bomb is to kill large numbers of people quickly. Just like a Glock.

America's gun laws are so loose and so accommodating to lunatics that Mexican drug cartels buy weapons here and smuggle them into Mexico, in order to kill police and soldiers. Think about that for a minute. Why do we Americans have to be the loony neighbor with assault rifles at every window?

This is just insane!

Of course, according to this video, politicians on both sides of the aisle are doing their best to muddle the waters with idiotic laws. Well, you don't want to cross the NRA, right? So politicians don't want to do anything simple and effective. They just want to posture - and only until the news turns elsewhere.

Like Jon Stewart, I don't think we need "clarification." Even we atheists go along with "thou shalt not kill" - at least, as well as the Christians do. I just don't want my lunatic right-wing neighbor, or the druggie down the street, to have guns that can fire 30 rounds as fast as they can pull the trigger. Is that too much to ask?

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