Friday, January 14, 2011

The new frontier in fruit goodness

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Megyn Kelly gives Catholics their only chance to be properly outraged. Isn't that nice of her? Good ol' Fox!

And yeah, it's kind of funny to imagine that the body of Jesus Christ is actually Cool Ranch Doritos. In fact, that's almost as funny as imagining that it's communion wafers. If Jesus can be a cracker, why can't he be a Dorito?

Then there's the first part of this clip, the new frontier in the field of fat and lazy. If only someone could make fruit easy and convenient to eat!

"Fruit in its current form is just impossible to eat." We need "an apple snack encased in some sort of edible skin." Yeah, I can't imagine how we'd do that, huh?

Funny stuff, don't you think?

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John said...

They almost filmed the Doritos commercial at my church, but they ended up using another location.