Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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The Word - Disintegration
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I hate to post two video clips from the same show, but Stephen Colbert was on fire last night. I couldn't pass up Palin fatigue, but how could I skip this one, either?

The other day, I pointed out bigotry in the Tea Party, but this is an even better example. It's a deliberate attempt to re-segregate North Carolina schools.

Well, it's no surprise that the Tea Party - and the Republican Party in general - is strongest in the South. For decades, the GOP has used its Southern strategy to woo white racists. Mainstream Republicans thought to use the loonies in order to win elections, but now the loonies have taken over entirely.

Unfortunately for us all, they're still winning elections. I really don't understand what has happened to us, that we're going along with this. But I hope it's just a phase.

Hopefully, we'll grow out of it soon.

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