Friday, January 7, 2011

Ya think?

I know I'm always railing about cowardly Democrats, but what can I say? This cartoon really hit home for me.

Terrified by the polls, Democrats tried to run away from their accomplishments - and from the black man at the head of their party - those who weren't just hiding under the bed, shivering in fear. OK, maybe they would have gotten stomped anyway, but they certainly got stomped as it is, didn't they? And they left the right-wing with undisputed possession of the debate.

Then, after they got beat, Democrats turned around and did something - a bunch of somethings, in fact. They were quite impressive. But what good will it be now, with Republicans firmly in charge of the House for the next two years and stronger in the Senate, too?

Playing defense would have been a lot easier before the election. And dare I suggest that they could have been playing offense then, too, if they hadn't been so cowardly and so politically inept? I'm still absolutely astonished that they didn't take that tax-cut gift from the GOP and run with it. How could you ask for a better political issue?

Tell me, why are the Democrats so bad at this stuff? And why are the Republicans so incompetent at everything except politics?

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