Monday, January 24, 2011

Democrats fold?

According to this article in The Washington Post, there's "no chance" Senate filibuster rules will be changed significantly:
To the dismay of a younger crop of Democrats and some outside liberal activists, there is no chance that rules surrounding the filibuster will be challenged, senior aides on both sides of the aisle say, because party leaders want to protect the right of the Senate's minority party to sometimes force a supermajority of 60 votes to approve legislation.

Last month, every returning Democratic Senator signed a letter urging filibuster reform. Republicans objected, so of course the Democrats folded like a cheap suit. Did you expect anything different?

I'm not upset that a minority party might "sometimes" force a supermajority vote, on an issue where they feel strongly. But that's not what's happening. Thanks to the GOP, a supermajority vote is now routine - which does not follow the U.S. Constitution. Every issue of any significance at all now requires a supermajority vote in order to move forward. And Republicans don't have to make any more effort than for one of them to just say so.

Supposedly, Democratic leaders are worried that they might soon find themselves in the minority. But what do you think the Republicans will do, if they find themselves with a Senate majority but not a super-majority? Do you really think Republicans won't make this change themselves, as soon as it's advantageous for them?

Oh, well. Between insane Republicans and spineless Democrats, it's a wonder this country survives at all.

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