Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey, white guys

Another straight white guy who gets it. As I noted before, we play the game of life on the lowest difficulty setting.

It's not that we all have it easy. But let's not pretend we weren't born with some huge advantages. Frankly, hearing straight white men whine is just embarrassing. I don't want people thinking I'm like that!


Jeff said...

Companion clip to this from Don Vito himself:

Good to see you back online. I'm hell on my hardisks with all the videos I download. Without a computer, I'm like Beavis and Butthead without a television:

Ronney picking Ryan as his VP? Hmmm...what to make of it? There seems to bea train of thought that the Republicans are conceeding the election already and starting work on 2016:

Somebody made the same comment in yesterday's LJS. As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast, my friend..."

The Obama camp can't afford to get complacent. Paul Brown, the legendary NFL coach once said when you've got your foot planted firmly on your opponents throat, do not lift up to reset.

WCG said...

Romney might not be liked, but he's still holding an edge over Obama in managing the economy, which is the number one issue on people's minds. (And no, I don't understand why, given what the Republicans have done to our economy already.)

Republicans are doing their best to suppress voter turnout, too. That might be the real reason for picking Paul Ryan - because it energizes the base. Highly motivated people will vote, despite any difficulties put in their way.

GOP fund-raising has also had a shot in the arm. Under Ryan's tax plan, the rich would pay virtually nothing. That's not an exaggeration. Romney's 2010 income tax rate, a paltry 13.9%, would have been less than 1% under Ryan's plan.

So as much as the wealthy have been trying to buy this election already, they'll redouble their efforts now that Paul Ryan is on the ticket. And money talks. 43% of Americans don't even know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. They're that ignorant. Romney's lies certainly aren't going to be caught by people like that.