Sunday, August 19, 2012

That's called journalism

Could it be true? Are we starting to see a hint of journalism returning to television news? It would be wonderful, if so.

But Republican leaders (who know darn well that it's a lie) hammer away at that so-called 'liberal bias' in the media. I suspect that it's a big part of their training. (Here is Reince Priebus doing the same thing in April, also at CNN. Unfortunately, Carol Costello let herself be bullied.)

According to Republicans, everyone but Fox 'News' is biased. Fox, of course, is the propaganda arm of the GOP, which is why they won't ever ask hard questions of their own side.

But wouldn't you wonder how everyone else could be part of the liberal conspiracy? How can that even make sense - especially given that these are all enormous corporations owned primarily by the wealthy?

OK, I guess I was actually expecting the right-wing to use logic and evidence! Heh, heh. Sorry, I guess I lost my head there for a moment.

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Jeff said...

To follow up on lack of right-wing logic, one would think Sununu would have learned his lesson after getting his ass kicked on "Crossfire" all those years?

I guess not...