Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What kind of irresponsible lunatic, indeed?

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It took awhile to get there, but I thought that conclusion was important. Paul Ryan is criticizing what he, himself, helped create. It's always more important to look at what these candidates do than what they say.

And note that most of the rest of that deficit is the direct result of the economic collapse, which happened during the previous administration, the Bush administration, and was also the result of Republican policies which Ryan still supports.

Jon Stewart continued with a very brief clip of John Hodgman (defending "Twilight") here, then got back to Paul Ryan:

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Yes, Paul Ryan, the new Republican idea man! Hmm,... remember Newt Gingrich, their last 'idea man'? Sadly, in both cases, they were all bad ideas.

In fact, they're such bad ideas that the Republicans don't even want to say them out loud.

Jon Stewart: "Basically, what he's saying is, the budget plans from the two of them are very different, but really mostly the same, although... 'we really haven't compared them yet'."

Heh, heh. Yeah, as usual, Mitt Romney doesn't know what he's for, since he's flip-flopped so many times he can't keep track. All he knows is that he's desperate to keep it a secret, whatever it is. (Tax returns, anyone?)

Now, you might argue that unpopular doesn't necessarily mean bad, and that's true. But this is a democracy. We're supposed to be informed voters. It's never smart to buy a pig in a poke.

Besides, we already know much of what Ryan has proposed and Romney endorsed. They want to eliminate Medicare, as we know it. Instead, they plan to give vouchers to seniors and let them try to find a health insurance company willing to insure them.

Yeah, good luck with that! I'm sure that corporations will be beating down the door to ensure my 86-year-old mother, won't they? Especially at the price of those vouchers?

Insurance companies don't want the old and sick. They make money from the young and healthy. And, of course, she'll have a great time searching for health insurance, at her age. Of course, that's not fun at any age.

And don't give me that crap about only destroying Medicare for those younger than 55. This will likely destroy Medicare long before I'm dead, no matter what cutoff age they use. And how about those younger people when they get to be 86? It's going to be just as hard on them.

Of course, these are Republicans. They don't think people care about anyone but themselves. Are they right?


Chimeradave said...

I don't dispute your commentary, but those are some poor Daily Show clips. The show was really reaching that night. Just plain not funny.

WCG said...

These shows - both this one and the Colbert Report - tend to be hit or miss, John, and lately the Daily Show has had a lot of misses. But then, I wouldn't expect them to be great all the time.

I generally embed the ones I really like, but this was more about the message than the humor of it. Of course, it was playing off their previous show, and I'm probably the wrong demographic for that Twilight stuff, huh? :)