Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catholic contraception video

This must be why men don't like watching beautiful women in the movies, on TV, or in these videos, huh? Because we can't sense any pheromones?

"What's a man to do when the majority of women are contracepting [sic] and he no longer finds them desirable?" Simple! You just turn to that hairy guy next to you and start feeling aroused, right? Heh, heh.

Wow, there's just so much about that kind of thinking that seems really, really bizarre, don't you think? Of course, these are Catholic nuns, so they're obviously experts in sex appeal. And science, too, no doubt.

Hmm,... but I'm surprised the celibate old men who actually run the Catholic Church didn't get in on this. After all, you can't let nuns think they're good for anything but following orders...

In this video clip, Ana Kasparian says she hasn't noticed that men are less attracted to her when she's on birth control. You think? Heh, heh. Come on, Catholics! These are the people who are supposed to guide your life? Really?

Hey, I know you were raised in the Catholic Church, but you can throw off that conditioning. Rational people do it every single day.


Jeff said...

Ah, the old "studies have shown," trick, eh Catholics? They're borrowing from Faux "News'" "some say/we've been told" playbook.

WCG, "Cry Havoc!! And let slip the dogs of war!!" I got the "hockey fight" with Jody I wanted.

The exchange as follows:

Jody P: Liberals are so easily confused, the poor devils. 'Ending Spending' is concerned about government spending which has led to our $16 trillion national debt. G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T spending. Repeat it slowly after me.

That is the type of spending they are talking about. They are not talking about all spending in general. They aren't talking about our personal spending. Trust me, they don't mind if you go to the mall and buy a new electronic gadget.

Liberals want the government to keep borrowing and spending forever and ever, and never cut back on anything. They don't believe a day of reckoning will ever come, despite the fact that we see the news out of Europe every day. But like I said, they're very easily confused. Reality is especially vexing to them.

Me: 53% of "government spending" goes to...drum-roll please....the MILITARY.

80% of the interest on the national debt created by....drum-roll please....MILITARY SPENDING.

Conservatives are so easily confused, the poor devils. Reality is especially vexing to them.

Jody P: Right on cue to prove my point, none of the liberals below actually read or understood the fairly short letter. They get confused. Nobody knows why exactly.

Me: You ASSUME that we're "liberals," Jody P. Don't make give you the "never assume" lecture.

Besides, what is a "liberal?

Jody P: You mean you don't even know what you are? Now that is really confused. It's even worse than I thought.

Me: You still refuse to answer my question: Define "liberal?"

I asked him to define "liberal" a couple of days ago, but never answered. Does Jody P know what "liberal" is, other than some right-wing slur?

WCG said...

What I think is funny, Jeff, is that people like Jody P. are always claiming that liberals want this and liberals want that.

Why not let liberals speak for themselves? Why doesn't Jody P. talk about what he wants, because that's the only thing he knows anything about.

But setting up a straw man seems to be the only thing he can do. It's dishonest - even if he doesn't realize that it's dishonest (and I have to admit that he doesn't seem to be too bright).

Intelligent, rational, honest people present their side of an argument and let their opponents do the same. It's easy to knock down a straw man.

But then, that's why they do it, isn't it? If they had a rational argument, they'd use that, instead. So it's a pretty clear indication that they can't back up their beliefs.

Jeff said...

It's obvious that Jody P. doesn't hide his disdain, if not open hatred, of "liberals." I've got a "Sword Of Damocles," so to speak, for him. But I'll keep it close to the vest for now.

If it's possible to "win" a troll fight, as I call it, it's that I got Jody P. off-topic and focused on my supposed "liberal" identity crisis. He let himself get "hooked" by a troll. Moi, a troll? :)

Unfortunately, I have to go back to work next week. I won't have access to the LJS in the mornings when the conserva-trolls come in to feed. So my "attacks" will have to be confined to weekends. :)

P.S.: I noticed the trolls on both sides were still at it late last night on the same article. Do these people have a life??

WCG said...

Yeah, I wonder about that, too, Jeff. Even when I was reading those articles, and commenting, I'd just do so when checking the newspaper every morning. I wouldn't keep it up all day.

Then again, I spend a lot of time on other things, like this blog. So it just depends on your priorities, I suppose.