Friday, October 26, 2012

Lena Dunham: Your first time

Apparently, this clever little political ad, mildly suggestive, has Republicans in a frenzy:
Dunham's tongue-in-cheek references to losing her virginity are not lost on Republicans, many of whom say they are outraged by the ad and call it 'disgusting.'

'Talk about desperation,' a conservative blogger wrote on 'The Right Scoop.'

'They've finally sunken to a new low trying to get the youth vote by comparing voting for the first time to having sex for the first time.'

RedState editor-in-chief and CNN contributor Erick Erickson wrote, 'If you need any further proof we live in a fallen world destined for hell fire, consider the number of people who have no problem with the President of the United States, via a campaign ad, ridiculing virgins and comparing sex to voting.' ...

Fox News analyst and conservative author Monica Crowley called the ad 'sick' and 'degrading' on Twitter.

'Of the many sick things about this degrading Lena Dunham "lose your virginity to Barack" ad? The left thinks it's "empowering" to women,' she wrote.

Conservative blogger John Nolte of Breitbart News added: 'How could a president with two young, blossoming daughters release an ad as disgusting as this?'

Heh, heh. Yup, this proves "we live in a fallen world destined for hell fire," doesn't it?

And in other news, the Republican Party released a press release saying, "Get off my lawn, you damn kids!"

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