Thursday, October 25, 2012

The most beautiful picture of the day?


I got this from Buzzfeed, because I don't speak French - or not enough of it to clearly understand the original article, at least.

But this was a protest in France against gay marriage, where two young women apparently decided to hold a counter-protest. :)

What I love about it is the expressions on the faces of those women in the background - not just the shocked horror, but the one woman to the lower right - not as old as most of them there - who seems to be delighted by the kiss (but trying not to show it).

Is this "the most beautiful picture of the day," as Buzzfeed suggests? I don't know, but it's the best I've seen so far today, at least.


Jim Harris said...

I find this mind blowing that this is even news. These people must not watch television. Same sex smooching has been around a long time on TV, a great deal longer in real life. Where have these people been living?

WCG said...

Well, the protest was news, Jim. I'm sure that was why the photographer was there. And the picture is getting widespread attention only because of the reaction of the crowd, I'm sure (certainly, that's why I posted it).

As to whether or not elderly right-wing Christians in France watch Glee, I really couldn't say. If they do, it's probably just so they have an excuse to express their outrage at the next meeting of the Ladies with a Stick Up Their Ass (LSUTA).

Pardon my French. :)