Sunday, October 14, 2012

George Carlin: Euphemisms

I just stumbled across this video clip and thought it was great - like almost everything by George Carlin.


Jeff said...

Shell-shock: What Jody P. feels after I've intellectually poked him in the eye. Gee, that sure makes Jody mad when I do that. :)

Sadly, the euphemisms have gotten much worse in the 20 years since George riffed on the subject.

Prime example: "compassionate conservatism." 'Nuff said.

Gregg Garthright said...

I never get tired of George Carlin.

Robert Kolbe said...

Edited now: This is terrific. While one could get picky about some of the sources of these words and the reasons for them (like, disabled) -- I work with someone who is so afraid of offending anyone, he walks about endlessly speaking in euphemisms. Half the time, I can't understand what the hell he is talking about. -- I like the comment on this blog about being interested in EVERYTHING; we live in the same world and it indeed does get hard to focus. regards, Robert

WCG said...

Thanks, Robert. Yes, a lack of focus is just one of my problems, but it's probably not a good thing for a blog. Still, I guess I don't care enough to change it. :)

Despite this video clip, I tend to be sympathetic when it comes to people who speak in euphemisms, since their intention is often good. However, offense usually comes not from the words, the labels, someone is using, but from what they're actually saying.

I hear people say very racist things using polite language. That doesn't make it better, no matter what language you use. Still, as I say, I can sympathize with going overboard in trying to be inoffensive (not one of my problems here - heh, heh).

But I like English. I like plain-talking. I like honest, direct, understandable language. Obfuscation as a result of trying to disguise the truth, to deceive, to confuse - or just through incompetence, because they think it sounds intelligent - that just drives me up a wall.

But then, I'm usually half-way there already. :) Thanks for the comment, Robert.