Sunday, December 30, 2012

God's responsibility for the Sandy Hook tragedy

Note that this is hard to watch. It's a powerful video, and so soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings,... well, it's not easy. You've been warned.


Jim Harris said...

When will reason conquer superstition?

I hope the men who inspired this film got to see it. Will they ever admit how wrong they are?

Religious people have never been able to answer why God lets evil things happen to good people. The obvious logic has always been there is no God. But their irrational desire to have a God means they will think, say or do anything.

This is a very powerful film. Thanks for posting it.

WCG said...

Thanks for your comments, Jim. This was a hard video to watch, but I felt I needed to post it.

Jim Harris said...

I've been sending it on to other people. It is a very powerful video.