Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Water fluoridation

OK, this has nothing to do with Christmas, and this video clip is a year old (although this is the first time I've seen it), but I thought this was interesting and useful.

I grew up without fluoride in the water, and the near elimination of tooth decay, when I moved to a city with fluoridation, was just incredible. After that, I'd think long and hard before moving somewhere without it.

Tooth decay used to be a big cause of premature death. In a way, this is like vaccination. As we progress, and therefore see fewer of these health problems, people start to forget how bad it was in the past. Today, we see not just an anti-vaccination movement, but an anti-fluoridation movement, too. Incredible, isn't it?


Jeff said...

3 blog entries in one day? Somebody's bored today. :)

Although this is about fluoridation, I detect another faith-based/evidence-based treatise.

The good thing about evidence-based thinking is that it readily admits that there is always more to learn, more evidence to gather. The narrator's point about the bone density correlation in fluoride needing more study is an example of this. But the rewards of fluoride outweigh the risks.

As you know, you won't find this in a faith-based thinker, especially the "conspiracy theorist" type. It'll stick in their craw, they'll never accept it. Their minds are already made up, believing what they WANT to believe. Everything's black-and-white ("only a Sith deals in absolutes.").

An example of the conspiracy theorists' flawed logic: fluoride supposedly makes people docile; it controls anger and rage (the Nazi concentration camp angle I'm guessing). If this is so, why is America seemingly an angrier and more hostile place to be than ever before? Just a thought.

Anyway, enough critical thinking. I have to go lay down on my couch again. Winter has me in its iron grip. Snort, sniffle, sneeze. Cough, cough, hack, hack.

WCG said...

Good points, Jeff. And I hope you'll be feeling better soon. It's the worst, being sick over a holiday, isn't it?