Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life's not all bad

OK, on Friday, I posted political cartoons which were kind of bleak. Or maybe I was just feeling depressed that day. But here are three which might cheer you up a little bit.

As depressing as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was - and is - it has, at least, shown us another side of teachers.

According to the right, teachers are lazy, greedy, useless public employees sucking on the public teat. I mean, it's not as though they do anything valuable, right? And they're so stuck up, with their fancy college degrees and everything, they think they actually deserve a living wage - with health insurance and retirement benefits, too!

Can you believe that? Who do they think they are, the 'job-creators'?

But for the past few days, at least, the meme has been different. Heck, now Republicans want to arm those lazy, greedy, useless public employees! (Yeah, they may have temporarily changed their rhetoric about teachers, but they're still crazy.)

So let's thank a teacher. They don't normally have to stand between their students and a maniac with an assault rifle, but most do their best for us every single day,... and tend to get nothing but abuse. So let's keep this image in mind for a little while, at least.

And here's another, that's all good:

Yes, Elizabeth Warren was not only elected to the U.S. Senate, the Democrats have actually appointed her to the Banking Committee! (That shows more balls than I expected, frankly.)

Apparently, Forbes magazine called her election "Wall Street's worst nightmare." I wonder what they think of her appointment to the Banking Committee? :)

Yes, life's good. And speaking of the election:

Washington isn't Nebraska, certainly, but we are moving forward in this country. It's been a struggle, and it will continue to be a struggle. But maybe the stranglehold the far right has held on America for the past thirty years is starting to collapse.

Well, they had to collapse our economy first, and they had to start two wars and nearly bankrupt us, but rainbows are starting to appear nearly everywhere, including the ballot box. Republicans are panicking - Fox 'News' seems to be having hysterics - and that's good news for America.

No guarantees, of course. The right won't fade into history without a fight - a vicious, no-holds-barred, bloody (figuratively - if we're lucky) fight. But they're going.

It's kind of like winter. The worst may be yet to come, but as long as the days are getting longer, we know it won't last.

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