Saturday, December 15, 2012

The war on the war on Christmas

Bill O'Reilly is scared of me! Isn't that what he's saying? Yeah, I'm sure my blog must be terrifying Fox 'News.' I'm such a bully, aren't I? :)

I'd like to believe all that, but, of course, it's just about ratings. Now that the election is over, O'Reilly has to do something to keep his gullible elderly viewers panicking. Fox wouldn't want them to realize that the sky isn't falling after all.

Well, they should be scared. They're only about 80% of the population, so I figure it's a fair fight. After all, I've got reality on my side.

PS. Here's another example of what a bully I am. We atheists are really throwing our weight around, aren't we? Like David bullying Goliath.

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