Thursday, December 6, 2012

Republicans cursed with white skin

You know, it is kind of funny, if you think about it. When Barack Obama was campaigning for the Democratic nomination a few years ago, there was considerable speculation that America was just not ready for a black president.

(Indeed, that wasn't so far-fetched, was it? To this day, much of the Republican Party refuses to accept that a black man can be the legitimate President of the United States. It's not just all that 'birther' nonsense, which no white president has ever had to endure, but polls indicating that half of his so-called 'loyal opposition' thinks that Barack Obama must have stolen the election, both this year and in 2008.)

After he was elected, the conventional wisdom seemed to be that, well,... sure, but anyone could have won against the Republicans, given the complete and utter disaster the George W. Bush administration had been. It wasn't really that our country was ready for a non-white president, but that any Democrat would have won, after what the GOP had done to us.

But now, just four years later, what are we hearing from Republicans? Now, being black is supposed to be an advantage. Now, it's just not fair how white men can't get a fair shake in politics. Now, all of a sudden, America's apparently not ready for a white man as president!

Oh, poor Mitt Romney, cursed from birth with being the son of a very wealthy, and politically-connected, white man. Don't you just weep for him? How could he possibly overcome those terrible disadvantages of being born rich and white and male?

Indeed, he said nearly the same thing himself in that notorious 47% speech to his fat-cat donors. Oh, if only he were Hispanic! Those lucky minorities! Gee, if only he'd been the son of a Mexican farm-laborer. He'd have really had the good life then, huh?

Now, I realize that this is just the Republicans trying to blame everyone else but themselves for their loss, but this is just so bizarre! Only four years after the election of our first non-white president, it's suddenly become an advantage to be a minority in America? How weird is that? I suppose it's an advantage now to be gay or a religious-minority, too, huh?

But hey, Republicans live in their reality-denying right-wing bubble, and I suppose this fits in well with their crazy fantasy that white men can't get a fair break these days. (And the one about Christmas being an endangered holiday, and all their other insane delusions.)

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