Monday, December 3, 2012

Richard Carrier and the Resurrection

This is a combination of two video clips from two separate debates (both times debating Mike Licona, apparently), but it's quite interesting, don't you think? If you were a Christian, how could you respond to this, except by just declaring that you believe whatever you want to believe?

Of course, this is just one small detail out of an abundance of problems with Christianity. But I've been watching various debates for a long time, without ever seeing a Christian even come close to providing a good reason for his belief.

Indeed, I've been talking to Christians all my life - to this day, I've seldom encountered anyone else - and I've never understood it. Even as a child, I couldn't understand why they believed what they did.

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Jim Harris said...

I believed what I was told about religion when I was little, until I was told that Santa wasn't real. It then occurred to me that other stuff I was being told about might not be real either and I began to doubt religion. As a kid I tried hard to believe in Jesus and God because all the adults believed. I remember being 11 or 12 and getting Baptized because I felt I had to pretend to go along or they might suspect me. But after that I gave up any pretense of believing by the time I was 13.