Sunday, December 2, 2012

Republicans flip-flop on Medicare

Of course, this isn't really a flip-flop, because Republicans had no intention of saving Medicare (and certainly no need to save it from Democrats - that was a complete lie about Obama). They've been against Medicare from the very beginning and were only lying during the election, as they were about so many other issues, too.

But isn't it incredible that they don't even respect the American voter enough to wait a month before completely changing their position? Instead, it was just instantaneous. The moment the election was over, Republicans went back to trying to cut Medicare again.

And I don't know, but maybe they were right to not to respect us. I mean, honestly, how could any rational human being have believed their lies anyway? The evidence that they were just lying was overwhelming, if you'd paid even the slightest attention.

So I'm sure that they'll be back to saving Medicare again, shortly before the next election, too. If we voters are not actually that dumb, Republicans certainly believe that we are. And so far, they've made very successful careers out of that belief.

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