Friday, January 25, 2013

A dereliction of duty

Democrats could have changed the filibuster rules for this Congress with a simple majority vote. But they didn't. Again, they missed an opportunity to reform - really reform - the filibuster rules which Republicans have been abusing.

I don't want the majority to run roughshod over the minority - any minority - but Republicans have completely broken the U.S. Senate. Well, these days, they don't have to do anything but say they're going to filibuster. That's it.

It's not Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, not at all, not these days. They don't have to make speeches or anything else. There's no effort to it whatsoever. It's completely cost-free.

And if Democrats are really worried about what will happen when Republicans regain a majority in the Senate, what makes them think that Republicans won't do this, when the filibuster no longer suits them?

Of course, Republicans may not need to do anything, because Democrats couldn't stand united if their lives depended on it.

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