Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why I'm no longer a Christian

That title doesn't refer to me, of course, since I was never really a Christian, as far as I can remember. But it's the title of this fascinating video series on YouTube.

This guy really did believe. In fact, his "personal relationship with God" was the most important thing in his life. He was so sure that God existed, that God guided his every step, that he had no problem with pursuing knowledge. That knowledge would only strengthen his faith, right?

Of course, it didn't work like that,... but he didn't stop. Just imagine the courage that must have taken, to pursue the truth no matter where it led, even when it led somewhere he really, really didn't want it to go.

I admire that, I really do. And I find his story incredibly fascinating, probably because my own experience was so different. I never could understand how people could believe this stuff. I still can't, in fact. I recognize that many people do, but I just can't understand how. And I know that makes me less sympathetic than I should be.

Well, this guy understands it, and he's nothing if not sympathetic. For me, his journey to atheism is fascinating... (Although the details are completely different, his experience reminds me of LovingDoubt, who disappeared from YouTube halfway through an equally fascinating account of her own de-conversion.*)

...But, for you, his experience might be enlightening. I find it, um,... exotic, really, but it might seem familiar to you, maybe even comforting. At any rate, he's gentle, respectful, and very interesting.

And the individual videos are short, too - ten minutes or less. I like that. It's just easier to get this in brief doses, even when I'm enjoying the whole thing. The first video is only two minutes long, since it's just the introduction. I tried to embed the second clip here, instead, but that doesn't seem to be working right.

Well, whether it is or isn't, it's just a sample, anyway. His journey is described in the whole series of videos. I just wanted to give you an example of what they were like.

*PS. Hmm,... I just discovered that someone else has mirrored LovingDoubt's Journey to Atheism videos. That's great! I'm really glad that series is back on YouTube. I don't know if the series is complete, and I still wonder what happened to LovingDoubt, but I'm glad to see that her videos still exist.

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